Pesciüm - Airolo

The Pesciüm - Airolo route is a pleasant walk in the shade that will allow you to reach the starting station of the Airolo cable car on foot. However, the steepness of the route should not be underestimated.

The route, which is 2.45 km long and can be covered on foot in about an hour, is mainly in the woods and quite steep. To follow it, start at the restaurant La Stüa in Pesciüm and initially descend along the "Bosco trail" on an unpaved road, then turn right and descend along a path through the woods. Among the trees you can admire the village of Airolo from above.

This first section presents some exposed traits and requires a certain amount of caution. 

Once out of the woods you reach the ski slope in the Culiscio area, where the "Runcasc Trail" is crossed for the first time. Here you cross the small "village" and go back through the woods until the cable cars start. Halfway through, you cross the "Runcasc Trail" again, so you need to be very careful. The MTB trail takes its name from the stream that also runs along part of the footpath.  

Alternatively (as marked on this map) you can walk along a path that passes over the pastures, less shady, but "wider" and less steep. To walk along this path, from the Pesciüm cable car station you go down towards the start of the ski lift, continue on the ski slope and head towards Cucurei and then Nante. Once in the village, there are signs indicating the path down to Airolo, which is also shared with the Pascolo Bike. Also here most of the route is on the ski slope and therefore on meadows and pastures.

Both routes can also be travelled in the opposite direction.

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