Our suggestions for mountain biking itineraries

The mountain in summer offers incredible routes for those who like to enjoy mountain biking along interesting descents. Let's discover them!

Explore the Leventina Valley and its paths by bike and you will not regret it: the adrenaline will run through your veins not only for the steep paths, but also and above all for what you will encounter along the wax! Pinewoods, pastures, lakes and streams alternate along the most fascinating bike trails in Ticino.

There are also opportunities for refreshment and places to take a short cultural break: think for example of the fascinating Museum of Leventina, located in an ancient route of the Via Francigena and housed in the ancient inn of Casa Stanga. What are you waiting for? You can get the maps at our information centre or download them directly from our website, and set off on a new adventure on two wheels.

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