Pineta Bike

Pineta Bike - Experience the thrill of an 8km of moderate difficulty with stunning views of Swiss Alps

Welcome to the Airolo Bikepark, where the thrill of mountain biking and the beauty of nature come together in one spectacular experience! We are delighted to introduce you to our Pineta route, one of the most popular MTB trails in the Leventina Valley of Switzerland.

The Pineta Bike is an 8-kilometer ride that starts at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level in Pesciüm, surrounded by magnificent alpine pine forest and panoramic views of the valley. This is the perfect destination for intermediate cyclists looking for a moderate level of difficulty and a unique adventure.
As you make your way down the Pineta trail, you'll encounter a series of twisting bends, technical passages, and rocky sections that will challenge your skills and attention. But don't worry, with the appropriate equipment and a sense of adventure, you'll be able to tackle them with confidence.

The initial section of the trail joins the "Alpi Bedretto Bike" route, a longer and easier trail with numerous cultural highlights. As you pedal along the single track, you'll discover the unique features and history of the area. Once the two trails separate, the Pineta Bike route continues winding along a single track towards Fontana, a small village on the northern side of the Bedretto Valley. The trail offers a lower level of difficulty, making it perfect for those who prefer fun descents.

Along the way, take in the breathtaking natural beauty of the area, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the Ticino River flowing at the bottom of the valley. At the end of the circuit, you can return to the cable car departure point by following the Strada Bassa, an easy, flat road. The trail ends at the Airolo cable car station, where you can celebrate your accomplishment and catch your breath. 

Don't miss the opportunity to challenge yourself on the Pineta Route of the Airolo Bikepark! It's an exciting adventure that combines the thrill of mountain biking with the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps. Come and experience it for yourself!


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