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La Valbianca SA: from transport company to tourist board. A story of passion.

Valbianca SA, founded in 2009, is a company which works in the winter and summer tourism sector in Airolo and Valle Leventina. Upon receiving the Airolo cableway management mandate, we came to the understanding that we are not simply a transport company: our wish is to highlight the potential of this magnificent region to make it even more attractive to those who have yet to discover true wonders with their own eyes.

Every summer and winter we are fully committed to making Airolo and its Valleys a destination filled with events and opportunities to have fun, attracting locals and tourists thanks to the high quality of our services and the great variety we have to offer.

Always being ready to renew and grow, we truly believe in what we do and in the results we have been achieving over the years. Our wish is to unveil the true nature of Alta Leventina and to give its visitors excellent ideas and suggestions to live it to the fullest.

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