Winter hikes

Discover Airolo-Pesciüm's winter hiking trails for the whole family.

Winter hikes

Winter hiking is an ideal option for those who wish to continue trekking without excessive technical commitment, giving an enveloping experience at this time of year.

Airolo-Pesciüm si rivela la destinazione perfetta non solo per gli amanti dello sci, ma anche per coloro che desiderano immergersi nella magia dell'inverno a contatto con la natura. Le escursioni invernali si presentano come l'opzione ideale per chi desidera continuare a praticare il trekking senza eccessivo impegno tecnico, regalando un'esperienza avvolgente in questo periodo dell'anno.

Accessibile a tutti, questo sport affascina grandi e piccini, offrendo un modo unico di godere della bellezza invernale. Scopri la gioia delle escursioni invernali ad Airolo-Pesciüm e avventurati in paesaggi incantati con i tuoi cari! Ad Airolo-Pesciüm disponiamo di oltre 27 km di sentieri per racchette da neve, suddivisi in 4 tracciati:

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Winter hikes

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Footpath Nante - Pesciüm

Distance: 8.5 km
Ascent/descent: +367 m/ -367 m
Duration 3h 10 min

This charming hike follows a path through the forest road with regular inclines, leading you from the picturesque village of Nante (1,424 m.a.s.l.) to Pesciüm (1,773 m.a.s.l.). The trail, immersed entirely in the forest, will give you moments of tranquility allowing you to appreciate the unspoiled nature of Alta Leventina, offering spectacular views of the historic Gotthard massif.

Once you reach Pesciüm, you will have the option of walking back to Nante or indulging in a moment of relaxation at the lovely La Stüa restaurant, which offers typical regional dishes. Afterwards, you can return to Airolo in a few minutes comfortably aboard the modern Airolo-Pesciüm cable car.

For those who wish to extend the hiking experience, you can reach an impressive viewpoint from Pesciüm in a few minutes. Otherwise, you can opt to continue along the loop trail that leads to Cascina Nuova and then back to Pesciüm again. An option that will allow you to further explore the beauty of this area.

Footpath Airolo-Pesciüm

Distance: 3.00 km
Ascent/descent: +90 m / -90 m
Duration: 0h 50 min

Overlooking the majestic Gotthard massif, this winter trail offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in a walk that gives a privileged perspective on the heart of the Swiss Alps. Easy accessibility via the modern Airolo - Pesciüm cable car, which is easily accessible from the highway, allows you to catapult yourself in an instant into an enchanted environment, immersed in the white beauty of winter.

Reaching almost 1,800 meters above sea level and following the route marked for hikers, you quickly move away from the crowded ski slopes. Along this circular route, characterized by slight elevation changes, you have the opportunity to discover wilderness and enjoy the relaxing silences of the snowy environment. Halfway along, the walls of the Cascina Nuova serve as a reminder that beneath the snow cover rest the pastures that enliven alpine life in summer.

Once back in Pesciüm, you can indulge in a well-deserved moment of relaxation at the charming La Stüa restaurant, which delights visitors with typical regional dishes. Afterwards, a comfortable return to Airolo is guaranteed in just a few minutes thanks to the modern Airolo-Pesciüm cable car. This is an experience that combines the winter beauty of nature with the convenience of access and local hospitality.

Footpath Nante - Alpe Nuova

Distance: 6.00 km
Ascent/descent: +160 m / -160m
Duration: 1h 55 min

This charming trail starts in Nante and heads to Alpe Nuova, then returns to the picturesque village of Nante. It is a 6 km circular route characterized by a regular profile and moderate inclines, which, being completely immersed in the forest, offers constant protection from the wind. Once Alpe Nuova is reached, there is the possibility of extending the route by following a link road to Giof, before returning to the starting point. An experience that combines the naturalistic beauty of the forest with the variety of landscapes traversed, making this walk an ideal option for those seeking a combination of tranquility and adventure.

Footpath Nante - Ravina

Distance: 9.7 km
Ascent/descent: +363m / -363m
Duration: 3h 30 min

This fascinating trail, with its starting point in Nante, offers a pleasant wind-protected walk, crossing Segna and finally reaching the enchanting Alpe Nuova. From here, the trail extends to Ravina, totaling a distance of 4.7 km. The first half of the route features relatively flat terrain, allowing you to quietly immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature of Alta Leventina.

Once you reach Alpe Nuova, the trail begins to climb more steeply, leading up to the charming Châlet Ravina. This place proves ideal for a restorative stop before returning. The variety of the trail offers not only a pleasant scenic experience but also an opportunity for those seeking a combination of tranquility and moderate challenges. A hike that captures the natural beauty of the region, making every step a moment to be fully appreciated.


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