Info COVID-19

Info COVID-19

UPDATED AS OF 16.3.2021

Below are the protective measures in place for the upcoming days:

  • Ski resort open daily.
  • Tickets can be purchased online and at the ticket office.
  • In order to avoid crowds, please purchase your tickets online.
  • Click here to see the open slopes.

Below you will find all the important information regarding the dispositions and regulations to be observed in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Help us to ensure the safest winter season possible! 

We remind you that the new directives of the Federal Council state that from February 1 those who do not comply with the rules may be fined.

What do we do?

  • We strictly adhere to the "Piano di Protezione - Valbianca SA e Lüina SA" and to the regulations of the cantonal and federal authorities.
  • All employees wear nose-mouth protection certified according to FOPH rules.
  • Employees are constantly instructed and informed about the protective measures to be taken to protect themselves and customers.
  • Staff in direct contact with customers follows the specific rules of the "Piano di Protezione - Valbianca SA" (use of masks, disinfection of hands, respect of social distance).
  • Contact surfaces, cabins, and structures are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Cable cars will be regularly sanitized with devices and products approved in the medical sector.
  • We guarantee direct and clear information to our guests through our usual means of communication. To keep up to date, we recommend you to regularly check our website and to follow our social media channels.
  • The main rules of conduct to be adopted in the area are indicated through signs and posters. 
  • In the area, we provide dispensers to disinfect your hands.

What can you do?

  • Comply with the increased hygienic standards, social distance measures, and regulations issued by the FOPH.
  • In case of symptoms that can be attributed to a possible Covid-19 infection, please do not visit the ski area, but follow the instructions issued by the authorities and the FOPH. 
  • On the ufsp-coronavirus site, you can do the self-assessment test:  
  • Pay attention to the indications, signs, and posters in the area.
  • During the queue it is mandatory to respect the social distance of 1.5m from the person in front and from the person behind.
  • Follow the instructions provided by our staff.
  • Dispose of the masks and garbage in the waste bins made available in the area, thereby respecting the environment.
  • Take with you the brochures and flyers you have leafed through.
  •  ...and finally the most important thing: it is an appeal to the individual responsibility of each one of us!

The operators of the Valbianca SA ski lifts, which from this year also take over the management of the Lüina lifts, are ready to inaugurate the ski season 2020/2021 guaranteeing a safe winter for all guests.


General rules

The following protection measures will be modified and constantly updated paying attention to the evolution of the epidemiological situation.
The following measures also apply to the ski resort of Airolo-Lüina.

1. Masks

  • In the whole area of Airolo-Pesciüm and Airolo-Lüina (including the parking area and ticket offices) and on all ski lifts it is compulsory to wear a mask. 
  • Obligation to wear an approved masks according to the recommendations of the FOPH: surgical masks, certified textile masks, or buffs with an approved protective filter.
  • Wear a mask in indoor areas accessible to the public and all waiting areas and lift access areas (outdoor and indoor).
  • The use of the mask in restaurants is mandatory.
  • The obligation to wear a mask subsists from 12 years old and older.

2. Parking areas - shuttle bus waiting area

  • A mask must be worn in all the areas.
  • Please follow the signs and the instructions of the parking attendants.
  • Parking 2 at the departure station of the Airolo-Pesciüm cable car is for the exclusive use of group vans
    (ski clubs, schools, teams).

3. Tickets purchase


  • Favor the online purchase of tickets (Ticketcorner). Each ski pass must be loaded on a Keycard or Swisspass.
  • Posters with the QR code are posted all over the departure area of the cable cars to facilitate the online purchase of tickets.
  • The Keycard can be purchased at the bar La Chièuna, K-Kiosk, and Ticketcorner.
  • Privilege electronic means of payment, including contactless payment. 
  • At the checkout please respect the signs and social distance. Hand sanitizer will be provided.


  • Classic purchase at the ticket office.

 4. Groups

  • Booking: groups of people (schools, ski clubs, organized groups) must reserve their day on the snow (tickets, lunches, ...) in advance to
  • Collection of tickets: only one representative per group collects the tickets from the ticket office.
  • Please follow the instructions received by Valbianca SA after booking. Each group will be assigned a meeting point in a special waiting area.
  • Lunch: after the reservation, the time and the assigned luch area will be communicated. The lunch area for groups is only accessible from 11:30 a.m. and only upon indication of the Gastro staff.
  • You will not be allowed to use the Picnic area.
  • We ask group leaders to make participants aware of the measures to be taken.
  • We remind you that on the whole area it is forbidden to gather more than 5 people. The rules and exceptions established by the Confederation and the Canton of Ticino apply.

 5. Ski area and ski lifts

  • Customers must wear their masks in all waiting areas (outdoor and indoor) and during transportation on all facilities (cable cars, ski-lift, chairlift, conveyor belt), in the same way as for public transportation.
  • During queues, clients must maintain a social distance of 1.5m from the person in front and the person behind. Please follow staff instructions.
  • Please follow staff instructions.
  • Opening hours of the ski lifts: the opening hours of the lifts may be subject to changes as a result of the number of visitors and the regulations issued by the authorities. Opening hours will be published on our website
  • The maximum capacity of the cable cars will be reduced to 2/3 to ensure the safe transportation of people.
  • Depending on the number of visitors, the number of rides will be increased to reduce waiting time. 
  • The flows of people and waiting areas are signaled and carefully managed by our staff.
  • We remind you that on the whole area it is forbidden to gather more than 5 people. The rules and exceptions established by the Confederation and the Canton of Ticino apply.

6. Catering

  • The rules issued by Gastrosuisse ( and Gastroticino ( apply. 
  • Respect the waiting times and the indications of the Valbianca Gastro manager.
  • The mask is mandatory. Please wear a mask until you are seated and wear it if you need to move around the restaurant.
  • To ensure safety standards, the number of tables inside restaurants is reduced. Only four people can sit at a table. 
  • Customers can be admitted into the facilities only if a table is available for them.
  • Only a limited number of people can be accommodated in each restaurant. 
  • Contact tracing is mandatory: please fill in the form at the entrance and the exit of the restaurant. At least one person per table and group must leave their data.
  • Consumption can only take place at the table. 
  • Privilege cash-free means of payment (restaurant Chalet Ravina and La Sala). At the restaurant La Stüa, we only accept electronic means of payment, including contactless payment.
  • Table reservation through the MINDFUL app.
  • For this season, there will be no Picnic area.

 7. Après-ski

  • The same rules as for catering apply (contact tracing, max. 4 people per table, table service).
  • At the bar La Chieuna, we only accept electronic means of payment, including contactless payment.

8. Info-point and Help-desk

  • At the bar La Chieuna the staff will be available to provide information, help customers with online reservations, and online ticket purchases.
  • At the bar La Chieuna we only accept electronic means of payment, including contactless payment.

9. Clean and Safe

  • Valbianca SA adheres to the prevention campaign promoted by tourism associations and supported by Switzerland Tourism ( "Clean and Safe" to indicate to guests that they are visiting a structure declaredly committed to respecting the protection plan.

10. Promotion campaign “Die Schweiz fährt Ski. Aber sicher!”

  • Valbianca SA adheres to the promotion campaign “Die Schweiz fährt Ski. Aber sicher!” launched and supported by Swiss Cableways ( 

11. Offenders

  • Our employees ensure compliance with the protection measures in force (obligation to wear a certified mask, respect for social distances, ...). Guests who, despite a warning from our employees, do not comply with the measures of the protection plan, will be removed from the ski area without refund.
  • The police may charge fines of up to CHF 300.

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