Combine the beauty of a mountain run with an orientation challenge: you'll discover orienteering.

In Pesciüm there is a fixed route for orienteering, of which we are all very proud. Available in three variants according to its level of difficulty, it will entertain you by testing your sense of direction.

Orienteering was born as a sport in the woods, precisely because it is there that man's ability to observe his surroundings in search of signals that help him to orient himself emerges better. An exciting activity and suitable for everyone, orienteering consists in exploring an unknown territory with the sole help of a topographical map and the surrounding nature.

There is nothing better than the Airolo-Pesciüm woods for this outdoor sport! Don't hesitate: ask for a map at the ticket offices of the cable car and start exploring our territory without missing any of the control points on the route.



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Orienteering routes in Airolo

Short course: 1.4 km (calculated as the crow flies - in actual fact, it is a little longer depending on the path you take), with 50m of altitute gain. Try something new to get a taste for orienteering.

Easy course: 3.0 km with 100 metres of altitude gain, the same as the short course at the beginning, after which it becomes a little more technically difficult.

Medium course: 3.8 km, 140 metres of altitude gain, for individuals who already have some basic orienteering skills.

Difficult course: 4.6 km, 220 metres of altitude gain, for expert orienteers.

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