Ski Touring in Airolo

Arm yourself with ski skins and climb up our slopes: you'll have the world at your feet

Ski Touring in Airolo

Your Ultimate Winter Adventure

Discover the thrill of ski touring in Airolo, where you can conquer our slopes with ski skins and have the world at your feet. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, Airolo offers exciting excursions for all levels of experience during your winter holidays.

Airolo Ski Touring Guidelines

If you're a ski touring enthusiast, it's essential to follow these rules for a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Stay on the Edge: Only climb up along the edge of the slopes.
  • Follow the Line: Move in a single file, avoiding side-by-side skiing.
  • Visibility Matters: Avoid crossing the track in areas with poor visibility.
  • Stay Cautious: Exercise caution on bumps, narrow passages, steep slopes, or icy sections.
  • Respect Priority: Always respect other slope users; they have the right of way.

In 2021, Valbianca partnered with the Movement Tracks platform to promote ski touring and enhance safety for enthusiasts. Airolo now features two intermediate-level Movement Tracks and a link connecting them. Look for the yellow tracks marked with the Movement icon on the map.

Airolo Movement Tracks:

  • Airolo-Cassinello: 7.4km
  • Airolo-Pesciüm: 4.7km
  • Nante-Culiscio Link Road: 0.84km

Please note that outside lift operating hours, the slopes are closed, and ski tourers must adhere to these hours.
Warning: danger to life! Only slopes explicitly designated for ski touring may be used outside the opening hours of the ski area.

Safety First: Ski Touring Rules

When enjoying Airolo-Pesciüm's mountainous terrain, follow these safety guidelines to prevent accidents:

  1. Buddy System: Never go alone; ski with a partner or group.
  2. Use Good Judgment: Turn back immediately if you have any doubts about safety.
  3. Avalanche Preparedness: Be proficient in using a shovel, probe, and avalanche rescue equipment. Consider attending an avalanche rescue course.
  4. Weather Awareness: Monitor weather forecasts, adjust your plans accordingly, and inform a trusted person of your destination and estimated return time.
  5. Essential Gear: Always carry avalanche search and rescue equipment, including a shovel and probe.
  6. Maintain Safe Distances: Ski at a safe distance from others to mitigate risks.
  7. Choose Wisely: Avoid slopes with blown-in snow and sheltered areas from the wind.
  8. Follow Your Path: Descend along the same route you ascended for safety.

To enhance your skills and prepare for emergencies, take advantage of the free Avalanche Training Centre or enroll in one of our comprehensive courses.

Embrace the excitement of ski touring in Airolo while prioritizing safety and adhering to these guidelines for a memorable winter adventure.

Ski Touring in Airolo

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Discover other excursions

The simplest excursion is the one to Capanna Corno Gries: the tour takes you to the top of the spectacular Corno Gries which dominates the valley with its dome and extended glacier. The tour is easy and gives you a great sense of satisfaction. The route is suitable for hikers with snowshoes, who can easily reach Lake Gries, as well as ski-mountaineers who want to try a climb on a glacier.

Another interesting excursion is the one on Passo San Giacomo: the "normal route" starts from All'Acqua and after crossing a bridge over the Ticino river it rises and follows the summer path up to Alpe di Val d'Olgia; so you basically follow the high voltage line until you get to an altitude of 2,200 m in the region of All'Uomo. There is a great opening with a magnificent view from here; in the west you can see the Bernese Alps, while in the south you can see the military buildings and the little church, and a little further on, you'll have a full view of the San Giacomo Pass, which is marked by a wooden cross. The route is easy from here on; simply follow the high voltage line, passing between the church and the border guard building, and, continuing south, you'll reach the col.

The climb to the Chüebodenhorn is a little more challenging: a highly rewarding classic route, which covers open slopes with a wide panoramic view of the fascinating Val Bedretto. To fully enjoy and appreciate the sheer beauty of the valley, the route can be split into two days by stopping at Rifugio Piansecco. With good snow conditions, you can attempt this climb right from the beginning of the season. Some sections, both uphill and downhill, require a certain level of ski mountaineering experience. Under certain snow conditions, a rope, an ice axe and crampons may be needed to reach the top of the Poncione. Due to the amount of steep slopes, you should only attempt the tour if the snow covering is stable and safe.

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