Ravina Trail

Ravina Trail: The Technical Adventure in the Heart of the Airolo BikePark

The Ravina Trail in the Airolo BikePark is an exciting MTB enduro route that offers a technical and challenging experience for experienced bikers. The trail starts at the Sasso della Boggia, a majestic mountain that dominates the surrounding landscape. The trail involves a series of tight and challenging turns that require precision and control. The terrain is uneven and rocky, offering a constant challenge as you move along the trail.

But that's not all!

Sections of singletrack are interspersed with more open sections, allowing you to enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

The descent continues through dense vegetation, which creates an adventurous and wild atmosphere. Along the way, you will face roots, rocks and technical sections that will require a good deal of technical skill and perfect bike control. With steep and tight bends, the Ravina Trail requires careful and precise riding. Each bend presents a unique challenge, with opportunities for controlled drifting or perfect trajectories that will allow you to maintain fluidity on the trail.

At the end of the trail, you will reach Ravina, a picturesque place surrounded by nature, where you can catch your breath and enjoy the mountain atmosphere at Châlet. The Ravina Trail in the Airolo BikePark is an unforgettable experience for enduro enthusiasts, offering a perfect combination of technical challenges, breathtaking scenery and an overwhelming adrenaline rush.


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