U Châlet

Ravina Closed

A lodge on the Ravina side for those looking for an intimate environment and local dishes

This typical mountain Châlet is an ideal restaurant for those looking for a more cozy place and a more relaxed atmosphere to take a break from physical activity. The owner's hospitality is always excellent, the environment is very friendly, and the dishes are simple and honest. You can get to the restaurant in 30 minutes on foot in summer and by skiing down from Sasso della Boggia in winter.

Being on the opposite side of the mountain from Pesciüm, from which it can be reached on skis from the Sasso della Boggia in winter and on foot in summer, it is hit by the sun in the hottest hours, which makes it an even more attractive destination for its customers.

The Châlet has 40 seats inside; on hotter days you can also eat outside on the large sunny terrace.

U Châlet

Opening hours:


Open every day from 08:45 to 15:50
Opening: Saturday, December 17.

Contacts U Châlet

Tel: 091 873 80 40




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