Airolo-Ponte Filippi-Cassinello-Pescium (E-Bike)

Explore the stunning Swiss Alps on an e-bike with a 12.3 km route from Airolo to Pesciüm, complete with breathtaking views and a charging station.

Airolo, nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, is a small mountain resort where nature and adventure come together in perfect harmony. One of the best ways to experience this blend is by exploring the picturesque routes on an e-bike.

We've recently installed an e-bike charging station in Pesciüm, enriching our offer with even more e-bike routes. Among them is a 12.3 km route stretching between Airolo and Pesciüm that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain range. To follow this route, start your journey from the departure station in Airolo and follow the Cantonal road that winds up towards Nante. As you climb higher, you'll be treated to stunning vistas of the mountains.

Take the dirt road on the left at the first bend, where you'll find a pitch. Follow the forest road and the signs with the indication "ponte". At the first fork, take the path that goes up on the right. This route takes you through scenic spots like the metal footbridge over the Nante stream and the "Filippi" bridge, where a small chapel dedicated to San Giacomo stands. As you continue to climb uphill, you'll reach Giof, a charming village that's perfect for a quick break.

From Giof, turn right and continue uphill on the tarmac road, which is quite steep. But the views from the top are worth the effort. After crossing the bridge over the Calcaccia, keep left towards the small alp "Cascina Nuova" and continue climbing towards the Alpe Ravina. When you finally reach Châlet Ravina, continue to climb along the forest road in the direction of Cassinello until you reach the top of the hill. Then, it's time to go down towards Pesciüm, where you can choose the descent that best suits your needs.

But before you do that, why not take a break and enjoy a delicious regional dish at the renowned restaurant La Stüa in Pesciüm? It's the perfect way to refuel and recharge your energy for the rest of your adventure.

At Airolo, we believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Our e-bike routes not only offer picturesque scenery but also an unforgettable experience. Come discover the beauty of the Swiss Alps on an e-bike and create lasting memories.

General information for e-Bikes:

  • From Pesciüm you can choose the descent you prefer.
  • It is important to always keep the right.
  • The route can also be followed in the opposite direction.
  • E-Bike charging station in Pesciüm.

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