Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Ski Card Leventina: a single seasonal pass for the six Leventina ski resorts.
Schneepass: The season pass for Central Switzerland. Over 500 km of ski slopes!

The family seasonal pass only exists for the Leventina Ski Card. Choose the one that best suits your needs on Ski Card Leventina.

In Airolo-Pesciüm we apply the dynamic price: depending on the season, the booking date, the weather and the day of the week, tickets prices vary. The sooner you book, the cheaper the fares. When you buy online you can always benefit from a discount of CHF 3.- compared to the purchase at the checkout.

Yes, on the Ticketcorner website.
In order to buy your tickets online you need a keycard or Swisspass on which the ticket will be loaded. During the purchase process, you will be asked for the code of your magnetic card.
The keycard can be purchased online, at the cash desk in Airolo or at the K Kiosks.
We remind you that when you buy a ticket online you save CHF 3 compared to the purchase at the cash desk.

Yes, it is. The purchase of the keycard is necessary to load the ski pass, the purchase is made only once and the same keycard can also be used in other ski areas.
The purchase of the key card is not a deposit. Therefore, the keycard won’t be refunded.
Alternatively, the day pass can be loaded onto a Swisspass.

The purchase of the keycard is necessary in order to load the ski pass, unless you have a Swisspass or another magnetic card. The purchase is only made once and the same keycard can also be used in other ski areas. You can buy the keycard directly at our ticket offices, on the TicketCorner website when you buy a day pass or at the K Kiosk.

Yes, it is. The half-day MORNING is valid from the opening of the lifts until 12.15 pm. To be able to buy it, it is necessary to buy the whole day. The difference will be refunded if you go to the cash desk by and NOT later than 12.15 pm.
The half-day AFTERNOON is instead valid from 12.00 until the closing of the slopes.
Afternoon purchases can be made at our ticket offices from 11.45 a.m. or online via Ticketcorner, saving CHF 3.

The afternoon ticket is valid from 12 p.m and can be purchased at the ticket office from 11.45 a.m. or online via Ticketcorner, saving CHF 3.

Children: under 6 years old
Juniors: 6-12 years old
Youths: 13-17 years old
Adults: over 18 years old
AHV (upon presentation of an identity card or identification document)
Students (up to 25 years old upon presentation of a student card).

Below are the ticket prices for the round trip to Airolo-Pesciüm:
Children: free
Juniors: CHF 14.
Youths: CHF 18.
Students / AHV: CHF 20.
Adults: CHF 22.

To reach Airolo-Pesciüm by public transport you have to get off at Airolo station (both by bus and train). From there a shuttle bus will take you directly to the departure of the cable cars. The exact times of the shuttle can be found here.
Alternatively you can walk to the station in about 15 minutes.

Yes, the Airolo Swiss Ski School.
The Ski School offers individual ski lessons and organizes ski and snowboard courses during the school holidays.
For all information regarding the Ski School please contact the number +41 79 942 01 20 between 08:30 and 16:30.

Yes, the Rental Centre is located next to the cash desk at the departure of the cable car.
The rates can be consulted on the website of the Swiss Ski School.

We recommend booking the equipment by indicating the number of shoes/height/weight of the person interested in the rental.
You can rent skis, boots, snowshoes, helmet and ski suit, snowshoes.
It is NOT possible to rent sledges.


During the opening hours of the ski lifts, fans of this much-loved and practiced discipline can go up the edge of the slopes. Ski touring enthusiasts must in particular comply with the following rules:

  • Climb only by staying at the edge of the slopes,
  • Move in single file and not side by side,
  • Do not cross the track in places with poor visibility,
  • Use special caution in case of bumps, narrow passages, steep slopes or ice,
  • Respect the users of the slopes, they take precedence.

For more information and details on ski touring click here.
Moreover, during the opening hours of the lifts, ski excursionists can take advantage of the hiking trails in the direction of Pesciüm or Ravina, marked in yellow on the map, starting from the valley station of the cable car or from Nante.
Outside the operating hours of the lifts the slopes are closed. Ski tourers must respect the opening hours. Once the lifts are closed, they are not protected from dangers such as avalanche triggers or the presence of snow groomers equipped with winches.        
Caution: danger to life!

Yes, dogs can take the cable car for free.

At the moment it is only possible to transport the snowscoot on the cable car.

By buying the ticket directly at the cash desk on Wednesdays. It is not possible to buy it online.

You can buy health insurance for people living in Europe at the cable car ticket offices for CHF 5.

Learn more at this link.

Disabled people in Airolo-Pesciüm benefit from a 50% discount on the daily rate. There is also a 50% discount for an accompanying person.

Yes, there are special facilities for schools. Please contact

 Yes, starting with 15 people. For every 20 people there is a free ski pass.
For details of group prices please click here.
For more information please

In Airolo-Pesciüm students up to 25 years of age benefit from a student discount.
The ticket can also be purchased online via Ticketcorner, saving CHF 3.

Yes, upon presentation of a legitimation document.

To walk the footpaths starting from Pesciüm yes, you need to buy a ticket. Alternatively, it is possible to take the routes departing from Nante.

To walk the footpaths starting from Pesciüm yes, you need to buy a ticket. Alternatively, it is possible to take the routes departing from Nante.

Yes, but they're unattended.

No, with regard to the possibility of accommodation please contact directly the Organizzazione Turistica Regionale Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino.

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