New panoramic swing

New panoramic swing

Starting from next weekend you can swing on the new panoramic swing, which will be mounted on the Sasso della Boggia at 2'065 m.s.l., and enjoy the wonderful view of the Gotthard massif!

Built in collaboration with Swing the World and the Organizzazione Turistica Regionale, and located in a mountain setting with breathtaking views, the altaelna will be accessible in both summer and winter.

The construction of the new swing represents a first step in the larger project of revalorization of Sasso del Boggia that will be completed step by step over the next few years.

Those who would like to discover the new swing can take advantage of the Pesciüm Package, which for only CHF 28 will allow you to reach the top of the mountain by cable car and then enjoy a great lunch at the Stüa!

New panoramic swing

Swing the World

Swing the World is a project born with the aim of entertaining people in a creative way, stimulating them to spend time outside their home walls, having fun outdoors. The selected locations can be breathtaking panoramas, remote villages or natural attractions. The swing creates a perfect frame for a fairytale picture.

The swings are handcrafted using woods suitable for this type of use such as chestnut and beech.
The rope used has a diameter of 18mm and is in woven polypropylene, perfect for resisting external conditions (UV rays, rain, snow, etc ...). 
The chosen color is a beige that incorporates the tint of the hemp ropes, so as to seem, at least aesthetically, a natural rope.
A sign indicating "we decline all responsibility" is present at every location of the swing, also made of wood.
The trunks, as well as the signboard, before being positioned are painted with a paint that makes them more durable on the outside.

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