Night skiing in Lüina

3.2.23 h.18:30

Night skiing in Lüina

Have you ever experienced the thrill of skiing at night? There's something about the cold air that hits your face and the dark sky that makes you feel closer than ever to the mountain... another reason why this is our favourite time of year ☃

From Friday 27 January 2022 and for five Fridays in a row, you will be able to ski at night in Lüina!

Times: 6.30 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Adults: CHF 14
Children: CHF 11
Free with the Leventina season pass
Free for SE and SME students domiciled in Alta Leventina. EMS pupils will be asked for their student card (to be shown at the cash desk).

Open bistro with grill and raclette.
On reservation (by Thursday evening) it will also be possible to enjoy an excellent fondue, by contacting:
Tel. +41(0) 79 321 01 96

We look forward to seeing you in Lüina for an evening of skiing and lots of fun!

Night skiing in Lüina
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