Renovation of MTB paths

A complete offer for those who love two-wheeled descents

Renovation of MTB paths

8 new MTB trails thanks to the restoration of old and disused routes.

The area of Airolo-Pesciüm is becoming more and more popular as a paradise for mountain bikers, especially with the advent of E-Bike.
Our large cabins, especially from Airolo to Pesciüm allow you to transport several bikes at a time (30-40 bikes + riders)

Airolo in summer means spending long days to fully enjoy doing outdoor activities. Among these, the mountain bike is the two-wheeled queen of the mountains. In these seasons we are devoting great attention to the expansion and improvement of the offer for Mountain Bike, already full of trails that can be covered with this wonderful bike.

Thanks to a preliminary study, we were able to identify new tracks to be developed in the region, making the most of existing paths. The project will make them suitable for mountain biking and in some cases they will be able to be shared with hikers.

The idea is to have more tracks with wide-ranging difficulties which can be ridden with front or full suspension mountain bikes, not just with downhill bikes. We have come up with 8 trails and have prioritised their construction. In the summer of 2017 we created the Pascolo and Pineta Bike routes, and in 2018 we joined part of these two tracks and created the Airolo Bike, which is on the Swiss Mobile platform.

In 2019 we created and inaugurated two trails dedicated to lovers of two-wheeled descents, the Runcasc and Bosco Trail, which offer fun bumps, jumps and parabolics, representing a novelty in Ticino!

These trails are suitable both for the more experienced, looking for large doses of adrenaline, but also for those who are just discovering descents between obstacles and roots, allowing everyone to find what they are looking for.

In addition, thanks to the installation of a charging station in Pesciüm, our area can also be visited comfortably by electric bicycle. E-bike lovers can enjoy the panorama and the open air in complete peace and quiet along the Ponte Filippi-Pesciüm and Fontana-Pesciüm routes.

Some routes are also practicable by handbike.

Discover our MTB trails

Renovation of MTB paths

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