New upcoming snowmaking system

In order not to depend on the weather and to offer to agonists and fans a quality always at the top.

Snow programmed for a quality offer

Only with the guarantee of being able to make snow can we properly promote Airolo Pesciüm in winter.

This project is part of a major rethink of winter tourism in our region. Our wish is to increase our services as well as activities to tourists and sports teams by means of a progammed construction of snowmaking installations.

The snowmaking project throughout almost the entire ski region will take place in stages:
1. The Grasso di Pesciüm area, with the arrival of NLZ Freestyle, will benefit from a modern and extensive system: a ski lift for beginners, a ski lift for freestyle athletes and alpine skiing, without forgetting to make space for everyday mountain users who want to start the season early.

2. During the second phase, we will extend the snowmaking facilities to the downhill slope, which nowadays is essential to ensure we get to the end of the season with a decent supply of snow. This phase will also see the inclusion of the descent from Sasso della Boggia to Pesciüm.

3. The third stage will see the optimisation of the installation in Ravina, the descent down the valley towards Nante and the whole of the Cassinello area.

Snow programmed for a quality offer

Skilifts Information

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