The pre-sale for the Leventina Summer Card 2021 is now open!

The pre-sale for the Leventina Summer Card 2021 is now open!

Dear mountain lovers,

Also this year the Leventina Summer Card is back, allowing you to discover and rediscover the beauty of the mountains of Leventina at 360°! In the summer of 2021 you will be able to use freely the following lifts: Funivie di Airolo-Pesciüm, Funicolare del Ritom, Teleferica del Tremorgio, Seggiovia Carì and Funivia Faido-Pianaselva.

In addition, the same season pass will allow you to visit during the summer opening period the partner stations of Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis (UR/GR), Eggberge Attinghausen (UR), Klewenalp (NW), Sattel Hochstuckli (SZ), Cardada, Funivia Pizzo di Claro (Lumino-Saurù) and Funivia Monte Carasso-Mornera with a 50% discount.

Order now the Leventina Summer Card for only CHF 135 for adults, CHF 270 for families and CHF 315 for companies (2 passes not named) and benefit from the "pre-sale discount" valid until 21.05.2021*!

Bike Pass (valid only at the Funivie di Airolo-Pesciüm): Adults CHF 100 and Family CHF 50 per person.


The pre-sale for the Leventina Summer Card 2021 is now open!

Earn an additional 10% reduction

The main news this year is the collaboration with the Organizzazione Turistica Regionale Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino (OTR BAT), the Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo Bellinzona e Valli (ERSBV) and several municipalities in the Leventina region, which will guarantee an even more advantageous offer! Bellinzona e Valli Turismo will offer owners of second homes in the region a 10% discount when purchasing a season pass.

Citizens of many Leventine municipalities will also be able to benefit from the 10% discount*. The municipalities that, with pleasure, have joined the initiative are:

    • Bedretto                           
    • Airolo                                
    • Quinto                                                               
    • Dalpe                                
    • Prato Leventina               
    • Faido                                 
    • Bodio                                 
    • Personico    
    • Giornico                     

Owners of second homes in the region and residents of the municipalities participating in the initiative will receive at home in mid-April a flyer with the discount code that can be used during the online purchase (in the order summary, at checkout). In order to benefit from the discount at the checkout, it will be necessary to bring the code with you at the checkout during the purchase.

*The discount code is valid only for residents of the municipality itself.

**An additional discount of 10% to holders of a secondary home in the region or residents of the participating municipalities will be made on the current price.

***The code must be used at the time of purchase (it is not possible to request a refund later). 

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