Snowshoe trekking

Discover our snowshoe trekking itineraries in Airolo - go for a winter trek with the whole family.

Snowshoe trekking

Using snowshoes is definitely the best way to continue trekking into the winter, without too much effort and technical preparation.

Snowshoes have very ancient origins that date back thousands of years: in fact, they were used by hunters so that they could move around when the snow wouldn't allow the use of normal shoes. Snowshoe trails have been on the rise in ski areas; this is not without reason as they are a wonderful opportunity to go trekking in the snow with the whole family. This sport is suitable for everyone; both adults and children get a great thrill out of it.

We have 18 km of snowshoe trails for you at Airolo-Pesciüm, which are divided into 4 routes:

  • Nante - Pesciüm Path (4 km)
  • Nante - Giof Path (loop path - 8 km)
  • Nante - Ravina Path (4 km)
  • Pesciüm - Cascina Nuova Path  (loop path - 2.7 km)

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Our snowshoe paths on SchweizMobil

Useful information

Snowshoes are to be used with telescopic walking sticks, which help keep your balance and maintain rhythm. Make absolutely sure you have your A.R.V.A in your backpack, especially if you leave the wooded areas. For more demanding itineraries, we recommend taking a pair of crampons.


Snowshoe trekking

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Nante - Pesciüm Path

Distance: 4.18 km Ascent/Descent: +367 m/ -47 m Duration 1h 8 min 

This path, that follows the forest road with regular slopes, will take you from the village of Nante (1’424 m.s.l.) to Pesciüm (1’773 m.s.l.). This path is situated entirely in the woods and will allow you to enjoy in peace the uncontaminated nature of the Alta Leventina with a spectacular view on the historical San Gottardo massif. 

Once you arrive in Pesciüm you can relax at the nice restaurant "La Stüa" that offers typical dishes of the region and then return comfortably to Airolo in a few minutes, thanks to the modern cable car of the Airolo-Pesciüm lifts.  

For those who wish to continue with the walk, from Pesciüm you can reach a viewpoint in a few minutes or continue on the loop trail that leads to "Cascina Nuova" and then back to Pesciüm.  

Pesciüm - Cascina Nuova Path (loop path)

Distance: 2.74 kmAscent/Descent: +122 m / 123 mDuration: 0h 50 min 

Overlooking the impressive St. Gotthard massif, the winter trail of Pesciüm - Cascina Nuova offers the possibility of walking while admiring the heart of the Swiss Alps from a privileged point of view.

Thanks to the modern cable car of the Airolo - Pesciüm lifts, which is easily accessible from the highway exit, you are catapulted into a snow-covered world in no time at all. At an altitude of almost 1’800 meters above sea level, you follow the route marked out for hikers and quickly move away from the slopes frequented by skiers. Along the loop trail, without great differences in height, you will discover a wild nature and relaxing silences. Halfway along the route, the long walls of Cascina Nuova remind us of how the pastures rest under the thick blanket of snow, which in summer are the scene of intense alpine life.

Once back in Pesciüm you can relax at the lovely restaurant La Stüa, which offers typical regional dishes, and then return comfortably to Airolo in a few minutes, thanks to the modern cable car of Airolo-Pesciüm. 

Nante - Giof Path (loop path) - NEW!

Distance: 8.08 kmAscent/Descent: +239 m / 240 mDuration: 2h 9 min

This beautiful path starts from Nante and reaches Giof passing through Montagna and Alpe Nuova, and then returns to the village of Nante. It is a loop trail of 8 km, quite regular and without great slopes, which being completely immersed in the woods is always protected from the wind. 

On the way back, once you reach Alpe Nuova from Giof, you can return to Nante by taking the Ravina-Nante path.

Nante – Ravina Path

Distance: 4.71 kmAscent/Descent: +363 m / -30mDuration : 1h 32 min

This path with departure from Nante is a beautiful walk protected from the wind that will take you through Segna, until you reach Alpe Nuova. From here you will then continue to Ravina, for a total of 4.7km. The first half of the path is rather flat and will allow you to enjoy the uncontaminated nature of Alta Leventina in peace and quiet. Once you arrive at Alpe Nuova, the trail begins to climb more steeply to the "Châlet Ravina" the ideal place for a regenerative break.

On the way back, once you have descended as far as Alpe Nuova, it is possible to return to Nante along the Nante-Giof path, with which the route rejoins at Alpe Nuova.


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