Snowshoe trekking

Discover our snowshoe trekking itineraries in Airolo - go for a winter trek with the whole family.

Snowshoe trekking

Using snowshoes is definitely the best way to continue trekking into the winter, without too much effort and technical preparation.

Snowshoes have very ancient origins that date back thousands of years: in fact, they were used by hunters so that they could move around when the snow wouldn't allow the use of normal shoes. Snowshoe trails have been on the rise in ski areas; this is not without reason as they are a wonderful opportunity to go trekking in the snow with the whole family. This sport is suitable for everyone; both adults and children get a great thrill out of it.

We have 8 km of snowshoe trails for you at Airolo-Pesciüm, which are divided into 3 routes:

  • Sentiero Cascina Nuova
  • Sentiero Val Pozzuolo
  • Sentiero Nante

Useful information
Snowshoes are to be used with telescopic walking sticks, which help keep your balance and maintain rhythm. Make absolutely sure you have your A.R.V.A in your backpack, especially if you leave the wooded areas. For more demanding itineraries, we recommend taking a pair of crampons.

Snowshoe trekking

Skilifts Information

Lifts: 2/9
Hiking: 5/5
MTB tracks
MTB tracks: 6/6
Bar/Restaurants: 2/5
Airolo Weather 11°

Monday 28/9/2020

Tuesday 29/9/2020:
Wednesday 30/9/2020:
Thursday 1/10/2020:

Sentiero Val Pozzuolo

The winter hiking trail between Airolo and Pesciüm, overlooking the majestic massif of the St. Gotthard, offers a privileged point of view to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the heart of the Swiss Alps.
In no time the modern cableway of the lift facilities that connect Airolo, which can be easily reached from the motorway exit, to Pesciüm, takes you quite suddenly into a universe covered in glistening white. Once you get at a height of nearly 1,800 m, you can follow the hiking trail and quickly move away from the ski slopes.

Along the circular route, with no significant difference in height, you will discover pristine wilderness and enjoy soothing silence. Halfway up the path, the long walls of the Cascina Nuova will remind you that under the thick blanket of snow all around you lies the grazing land, which in the summer becomes the scene of busy alpine life.


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