Pesciüm - Nante - Airolo

The Pesciüm - Nante - Airolo route is a pleasant walk with no steep slopes that will allow you to reach the departure station in complete tranquility while admiring the view.

This 3.72 km long path is an alternative to the steeper Pesciüm-Airolo route that will allow you to reach the cable car station on foot in peace and quiet and avoid steep slopes.

This path passes through pastures, is less shady than the steep route, but more "wide" and pleasant. To walk along it, start from the restaurant La Stüa in Pesciüm and initially go down along the "Bosco trail" on an unpaved road, then turn right and go down along a path in the woods. Among the trees you can admire the village of Airolo from above. This initial part of the trail is shared with the steeper trail but then, instead of descending towards Culiscio, you continue in the direction of Cucurei and then Nante. Once in the village, there are signs marking the trail down to Airolo, which is also shared with the Pascolo Bike. Most of the route is on the ski slope and therefore on meadows and pastures.

This route can also be traveled in the opposite direction.

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